This district of the Lotha Nagas is a land of beautiful mountain ranges and rivers.  Wokha town, the headquarters of the district, is itself located at the Wokha Mountain. Some other noteworthy hills here are Mount Tiyi and Totsu Cliff. No matter which hill you are on or which valley you are trekking, you are sure to experience the vibrant landscapes carpeted with colourful flowers and orchards.


Doyang is the largest river in the district. Several hill streams fall into the river from the central and western parts and give it the most fascinating look. Terrace cultivation is carried out on the valleys surrounding Doyang River.


Every year from October to November, a large number of Amur Falcons arrive in the northeast, especially in Doyang Reservoir, Nagaland for roosting, from South Eastern Siberia and Northern China en route to their final destinations. Amur falcons travel upto 22,000 kms km/year- one of the longest distances of migration among migratory birds. International scientists declared Doyang as one of the biggest congregation of nearly one million Amur Falcon and have declared Nagaland as the Amur Falcon Capital of the World.’

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