Tsungremong Festival

Tsungremmong is a pre-harvest festival celebrated by the Ao Nagas. On the eve of harvest during the time of the forefathers, this festival was held for six days, marking the end of rigorous plantation besides nursing the paddy fields followed by sacrificial offerings. During the festival, tribals wear traditional garbs, sing traditional songs and perform their ritualistic dances to express their gratitude to God for giving a high yield. During the festival, wearing their colorful customs both the young and the old sing songs and perform dances to express their appreciation to the supreme power for helping the crops to grow well, while they also give the best offerings for abundant blessings. This gives an opportunity to the youngsters to reveal their intellectual skills and physical ability. A handful of young men hold the stage and tell amusing stories about the elders while greeting them by jumping in enthusiasm.



  1. Display of cultural performances and indigenous games.
  2. Exhibition cum sale of handloom & handicrafts products.
  3. Display and sale of local flora, fruits, and vegetation specific to the area.
  4. Outdoor activities.