Hornbill Festival

Conceptualised in the year 2000, the Hornbill Festival is a ten day annual tourism promotional event organised by the State Government to showcase Nagaland’s rich and traditional cultural heritage in all its ethnicity, diversity and grandeur. Dubbed as the “Festival of Festivals” this event provides a unique platform for visitors to witness not only the Naga cultural diversity converged at one venue but also the states of North East India as a means of cultural exchange, while adventure, sports, art, handicraft, fashion, music, literature, etc also come as part of the special package.


Event Activities:

  1. 10 days cultural performances by different Naga tribes
  2. Handlooms & Handicrafts
  3. Flora and vegetation
  4. Indigenous games and sports
  5. Local cuisine / food festival
  6. Village walks/ treks
  7. Cultural exchange
  8. Arts & crafts
  9. Exhibition cum sale of tourism products
  10. World War II Rally
  11. International Loin Loom
  12. Sport events-International Hornbill Naga Wrestling
  13. Open contests- Naga King Chilly & Pineapple Eating Competitions
  14. Hornbill Music Festival – Handshake concerts/ Rock contests/
  15. Adventure Outdoor activities- Mountain biking/ Dzukou Valley Day Hikes
  16. Bamboo Carnival/ Night Carnival etc.