Tuluni Festival

Event Date: 8 July 2024


Tuluni is a festival of great significance for the Sumi Nagas. This festival is marked with feasts as the occasion occurs in the bountiful season of the year. The event is also called “Anni” which denotes the season of plentiful crops. Another main feature of this festival is the exchange of gifts and the hosting of feasts between betrothed couples and their families. The festival is also associated with peace–making and reconciliation. People who work effortlessly on farms and fields throughout the year relax during this festival and celebrate with delight. It is in the Sumi culture to arrange betrothal of young couples during the festival.


  • Display of cultural performances and indigenous games.
  • Exhibition cum sale of handloom & handicrafts products.
  • Display and sale of local flora, fruits, and vegetation specific to the area.
  • Outdoor activities