Zhavame/ Vegetable Village

Zhavame village is known for its rich produce of organic vegetables especially that of cabbage and potatoes. The village was declared as “vegetable village” by the Department of Horticulture in the year 2010. Majority of the population engage themselves in farming activities and have yielded rewarding harvests over the years. It is a Village that offers so much potential for eco-tourism, and there is always an extraordinary memory you can carry back home from your visit. The Village lies at the foothill of one of the highest mountains in Nagaland- Kapamodzü peak, standing at 2,620 m above sea level, and gives a spectacular view of the village, the Saramati Peak, Japfü peak, Kohima and several other neighboring villages. The peak also serves as a perfect place for trekking and takes about an hour from the village. Kapamodzü was also home to a number of wild animals including elephants, tigers, tragopan, Himalayan black bear, ant eater, turtles, golden languors, wood peckers, cuckoo birds, etc in the olden days.