Hotel Japfü:


P.R. Hill, Kohima

Contact: 0091-0370-2240211/2/3


Email: hoteljapfu@yahoo.co.in


Hotel Grandeur:


Mohonkhola Kohima

Contact : 0091-0370 2229699/ 2229638/2229960




Tuophema Tourist Vilage


Located 41 km North of the Nagaland capital of Kohima on National Highway 61,is a pioneering initiative, born of a village community vision..Traditional Angami Hospitality, customs and culture. Fully catered accommodation in traditionally styled Angami Naga houses.

Contact: 0091-9436005002/7005835002


Camp David, Kigwema


Located 12 km South of the Nagaland capital of Kohima is a campsite that is nestled in the woods of Kigwema village.  Just 900 mtrs away from Kisama Heritage Village, this is a good budget location to set yourself up for the Hornbill Festival or if you are here for a Dzukou Trek, Japfu Trek or just want to get away from civilisation.

Contact: 91 8119 851 777 / 97740 39490
Email: holidays@indiatrail.org

Hotel Cimorb


Old Minister’s Hill,Kohima

Contact: 0091-0370-2242248

0091-9612083243 / 9612908473.


Razhu Prϋ


Mission Compound Kohima

Contact: 0091-0370-2290291(L)



The East Gate Hotel


Near Mezhur Higher Sec. School Midland, Kohima

Contact: 0091-9206111594 /9089434838



URA Hotel


Near Red Cross Building, Raj Bhavan Road, Kohima

Contact: 0091-0370-2243222

Email: hotelura@yahoo.com


Hotel Vivor


IG Stadium Road

Contact: 0091-0370-2806243

Email: hotelvivor@theniathugroup.com


De Oriental Grand


Bayavu Road, Kohima

Contact 0091-9089577424

Email: peteagu123@gmail.com


The Heritage (Old Deputy Commissioner’s Bungalow)

(Old DC’s Bungalow) (Officers Hill, Kohima 797001)

Contact: 0091-9436215259

A Heritage property located on a hilltop, offering picturesque views and an old colonial feel; limited number of rooms


Dimori Cove

On the foothills of Japfu Peak, Dimori Cove provides the ambience for a comfortable outing.

Kigwema, Kohima, NH 29, Nagaland

Contact No: +91-9436005392/9863179765

Email: lifeministries05@gmail.com



Hotel Millennium

New Ministers Hill, Kohima

Contact: 0091-0370 2241851 (L)

0091-9862767767 (M)



Hotel Blue Bayou

Opp. War Cemetery, Midland, Kohima

Contact: +91 9436000368 / 370 2292008




2K Hotel

Ladies Mile Road, Officers’ Hill (Thegabakha) Colony Kohima


Contact: 2khotelkma@gmail.com



Hotel Pine

Midland, Opp Oking Hospital, Kohima

Contact: 0370-2290086/9436001041/9402855881




Aurora Hotel

Opp.Old NST, Main town

Kohima, Nagaland

Contact: 03702292260/9436275196/9774095939




Ariel Hotel

Near ITI Office, High School Road

Kohima, Nagaland

Contact: +91-76411837766/0370-2260061




Niraamaya Aradura Retreats Private Linited.

New Ministers Hill Aradura-797001, Kohima, Nagaland

Contact: +91-9535799660/9366082210




Foodie Tip

Café Aurora

Super Market, Near Axis Bank


Contact: +91-8787523545


The Continent

Razhu Point, Kohima

Contact: +91- 8794962956


S.V Restaurant

High School Junction Kohima

Contact: +91-8731009567


Bambusa Express

High School Junction

North Hill Complex, Near Vishal mart, Kohima

Contact: +91- 8415979664



Request for hotel owners: Please submit pictures of your hotel (exterior/ interior) to liyo@naga.ninja

DIMAPUR - Hotels

Niathu Resort

Niathu, in Angami, means Sunrise. This resort, spread over an area of 50 acres, is a stone’s throw away from the Chathe River. A five minute drive from Dimapur Airport (en route to Kohima), Niathu is an ideal quick getaway for families and friends.  It has amenities to suit all age groups and houses seven alpine chalet style suites, parks and Enthuriam garden, for a pleasant stay 

Phone: +9 3862 240135



Noune Mini-Tourist Resort

Noune means “peace” in Angami and this resort actually provides an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.  Situated about 10 km from Dimapur, Noune Mini-Tourist Resort is located at Seithekiema ‘A’ Village.  It has all the minimum creature comforts for tourists in a pastoral setting with a large water body with boating and angling facilities.  A perfect getaway for people looking for a place away from their busy schedule to nurse back their frayed nerves battered by the hustle of a busy city life

Contact: 03862 282755



Hotel Acacia

Opp. Tourist Lodge, Contact -03862-237102, +91 8415935254



Hotel Theja Fort

Near Public College of Commerce, Contact 03862 224367/224209



Hotel Saramati

Super Market

Contact: 03862 234761, 234763



Hotel Lake Shilloi

Above Vishal Mega Mart, Circular Road, Dimapur
Contact: 03862-236610 / 236613 



Hotel Tragopan

Golaghat Road, Dimapur

Phone: +91 3862 230291/230351 / 232952



De Oriental Dream

Super Market, Dimapur

Phone: +91 3862 224200



Hotel Grand Tizu

Circular Road, Notun Bosti

Contact:+91 3862 248150




Itiben Resort

Itiben Nursery Complex, Kharia basti-KhatKhati, Dimapur

Contact: +91 9435539003 / 0365-249112



Request for hotel owners: Please submit pictures of your hotel (exterior/ interior) to liyo@naga.ninja



Paying Guest accommodations (Govt. approved) are also available.


Greenwood Villa Homestay


Kipfuzha, Kigwema

Contact: 0091-7641905723

0091-0370 2292280

Email :explorenagaland@gmail.com

Website: www.explorenagaland.com



Sun View P.G. Accommodation

Lower Lerie

Contact: 0091-370-2242859 / 9436005493



The Morung Lodge

Opp. A.P.O Office, Upper Midland, Kohima

Contact: 0091-7641905723


Email : nino@explorenagaland.com

Website: www.explorenagaland.com



Southview Home

Kipfuzha sector, near Kisama, Kigwema Village

Contact: 0091-9774652282

Email: ciibukhieto@gmail.com



Neo Residential Guest House

Lower Bayavü Hill, Kohima

Contact: 0091-370-2260564/946600567/9436001090

Email: kevirio@yahoomail.com



Razhü Prü

Mission Compound, Kohima

Contact: 0091-9863153403/370-2290291



Punyu Paying Guest

Kohima Science College Road

Contact: 0091 9378062901



Vicha Paying Guest


VichaPG-3 VichaPG-4  VichaPG-1

Kigwema Village

Contact: 0091-9436437930 / 7005130393

Email: vpgkigwema0@gmail.com



Visa's Homestay

Above VIP Guest house, Old Ministers Hill

Contact: +91-9774015787

Email: visashomestay@gmail.com



Capital View Paying Guest House

Pezhu Hill near Science College




Dovipie Inn

Khonoma Village , Phetsu Kiku

Contact: +91 7985896732



Central Guest House

Daklane ,Below New NST, Kohima

Contact: +91 8974518665

Email: vecutotenenu@gmail.com



Sapu’s Inn

Aradura, Kohima

Contact: 0091-9856521843, 9436000610

Email: sapusinn@gmail.com



Eco Stay Hostel

TCP Gate , Kohima: Nagaland
Contact: 0091-7005916834

Email: ecostayhostel@gmail.com



Nu Hamdi

Agri Colony Kohima, near Stella Higher Sec School

Contact: 0091-8794529448

Email: marmidifoe@gmail.com



Pienyü’s Homestay

D.Khel, Kohima Village




Meru’s Cottage

Mechudzukhweju,Khonoma Village




Hills View Cottage

Khonoma Village




Sotuno Homestay

Dzukele Village, Kohima




Tuse Homestay

Dzukele Village, Kohima




Zevino Homestay

Dzuleke Village, Kohima

0091 9436008243



Keviletono Homestay

Dzuleke Village, Kohima




Kevisono Homestay

Dzuleke Village, Kohima



Paying Guest - Dimapur

Weavers' Place

Diezephe Village, Singrijan

Contact: 0091-9862254204



India Paying Guest House

Near Purana Bazar Police Point

Contact: 0091-9436432209



Longchen Homestay

Aoyimti Village, Hno-75/B "Ee-Ki"

Contact: 0091-9436732444



Jungjung Homestay

Darogapathar, Dimapur

Contact: 0091 9436006587

Paying Guest - Peren

Liangriwang Guest House

Tening Town

Contact: 0091-9402029280



H.K. Mbung Tours & Accommodation

Poilwa Village

Contact: 0091-9402025917



Renzeu Residency Guest House

Nkozai Colony,Peren Town




Shalom Resort

Gaili ,Hepuluzam Peren

0091 9862917189

Paying Guest - Mon


Paramount Guest House

Mon Town, Near State Bank of India

Contact: +91-9612170232



Vinngoi Resort

Block colony, New Site, Mon Town

Contact: +91 9436424210

Email: vinngoiresort@gmail.com