Dimapur is the commercial capital of Nagaland, sharing its borders with Assam.  Dimapur takes pride in its historical monuments that are now in a state of ruin, but having immense archaeological value.


Medieval ruins of the Kachari Kingdom

Dimapur is the ancient capital of the Kachari tribe, whose rule existed before the 13th century AD.  Remnants of this kingdom are found in the scattered ruins across the town – they reflect a culture that probably had a touch of Hinduism, but were predominantly Non- Aryan. Besides monoliths, Dimapur contains other ruins of temples, embankments and baths.

Diezephe Craft Village

Located 13 km from Dimapur, Diezephe Craft Village houses expert weavers and craftsmen, deft in the arts of woodcarving, bamboo and cane works. Under the guidance of the Nagaland Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited, this village has taken significant strides in these crafts.

Rangapahar Reserve Forest

Rangapahar Reserve forest (20.20 hectares) is home to many animals and birds like the myna, sparrow, cuckoo, sunbird, parrot, parakeet, robin, quail, woodpecker, hornbill, swift hawk etc besides other colourful wrens. Varieties of animals like monkey, tiger, deer, porcupine, squirrel etc. also thrive in this reserve.

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